What Is A Fireshed?

A Fireshed is an area where social and ecological concerns regarding wildfire overlap and are intertwined.

Wildfire moves across the land based on fuels, wind, and terrain and often moves in and out of drainages and watersheds.

Wildfire operates at a large scale that connects the high country with downstream communities and resources.

Because of these aspects, and in order to take steps to be adapted to wildfire, we need to think and act at the scale of a wildfire.

The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative (NCFC) spans the Front Range from the Wyoming border through Boulder County. View a map of the Fireshed.

Participants In The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative

We are partnering to make our forests resilient, protect communities and keep our water supplies reliable.

We are working across land ownerships to increase the scale and pace of forest restoration by bringing fire back into our watershed management toolbox.

The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative is made up of representatives from federal, state and local natural resource agencies, non-profits, community groups, and researchers.