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Northern Colorado watersheds that can support wildfires without causing long term damage to watershed services and communities.


Our mission is to create resilient landscapes by facilitating an increase in the pace and scale of not only mechanical fuel reduction methods but also prescribed fires and strategically managed wildland fires across jurisdictional boundaries.



Fireshed Charter

This Charter describes the purpose and need for the Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative (NCFC) and sets forth operating guidelines for stakeholders and members. Upon adoption, it will replace the previous Collaborative Framework of the NCFC adopted December 11, 2020. The need for this update stems from growth within the NCFC, as well as opportunities presented by the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) in 2021 and subsequent Master Participating Agreement (effective July 20, 2022) and Supplemental Project Agreement (effective August 15, 2022) between the USDA Forest Service Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland (ARP) and the National Forest Foundation (NFF). These agreements facilitate the movement of resources to capacity and on-the-ground implementation by establishing the NFF as fiduciary of a Northern Colorado Fireshed Fund (the Fund). This Charter operationalizes the movement of resources granted or donated with the support of the NFF.

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By planning and implementing collaboratively across federal, state, county, and private lands, we will increase the effectiveness of wildfire mitigation treatments and improve watershed protection outcomes.

The Norther Colorado Fireshed Collaborative (NCFC) operates as an umbrella for various entities working on managing wildfire risk to collaboratively identify, build support for, and implement these actions in strategic priority areas. The intent is for the NCFC to augment and elevate – not replace – the work of governmental and nongovernmental organizations and collaborative groups. NCFC functions as a ‘force multiplier’ to maximize the impact of local-level entities.

The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative (NCFC) spans the Front Range from the Wyoming border through Clear Creek County.

We are proud members of Fire Adapted Colorado (FACO)

The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative is a member of FACO, who’s mission is to be “A collective voice and representative organization for Colorado that provides educational and networking opportunities for communities, groups and individual stakeholders focused on reducing the negative impacts of wildfires in the state.”