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Estes Valley Community Wildfire Protection Plan Update

Total Project Area: 42,432 acres

The goal of this project is to bring together partners and community members to collaboratively plan, prioritize and implement landscape-scale forest restoration in the Estes Valley. This update to the Estes Community Wildfire Protection Plan will not only provide a framework and ownership for on the ground mitigation and implementation, it will also facilitate cross jurisdictional projects to maximize efforts in the Estes Valley. We will also use outreach and communication during the CWPP to support EVFPD efforts for more mitigation in the Estes Valley and show the importance of risk ownership in the community.


Project Goals:

  • Community and property safety
  • Community outreach and education
  • Framework for mitigation and implementation



Estes Valley Watershed Coalition, Estes Valley Fire Protection District, The Town of Estes Park, The Ember Alliance and many other partners and stakeholders

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