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Fireshed Partner Spotlight: Peaks to People Water Fund

July 6, 2022

Peaks to People Water Fund formed to proactively address the growing risk of severe wildfires that threaten our clean and abundant water supply. Peaks to People is comprised of businesses, organizations, individuals and landowners who recognize the need to protect the forested watersheds of Colorado’s Front Range from unprecedented threats that, left unchecked, will greatly damage ecosystems vital to our wellbeing and livelihood.

Their vision, mission and approach are focused on mitigating wildfire risks in order to improve forest health, enhance water quality and quantity, protect wildlife habitat, and ensure businesses that rely heavily on clean and available water can prosper and thrive.

Peaks to People staff participate in the Fireshed’s Community Outreach and Engagement (CEO) Committee, helping to educate the public about our efforts throughout the Front Range of Colorado.

To learn more visit: https://peakstopeople.org/