Mechanical Forest Restoration
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Swanson Ranch Forest Restoration

Total Project Area: 200 acres
Percent Complete: 8%

The Swanson Ranch is a 510 acre private property in Red Feather Lakes, CO.

The primary project objectives of this mechanical forest restoration treatment include: forest health restoration, wildfire mitigation, habitat and diversity improvement, protecting water quality, and protecting WUI infrastructure.

The 200 acre treatment unit is near South Lone Pine Creek, an important water supply for the City of Greeley, which serves approx. 140,000 people. Mitigating wildfire risk on these properties will directly protect this vital water supply.

What is mechanical forest restoration? Mechanical forest restoration involves using heavy forestry equipment to greatly reduce tree densities across all size classes, and increase the size and frequency of forest openings.

Site visit with the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute summer field staff.


Project Partners:

Project Funders:

  • Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS)
  • Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS)


  • Dylan Alsbach,
  • Gretchen Reuning,
  • Daniel Bowker,